Cobodo Delta-9 THC Chocolate Buds

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Introducing Cobodo Bud's Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC Chocolate 'Buds'—the ultimate fusion of artistry, flavor, and elevated experience. Crafted to resemble cannabis buds, these delectable treats are a celebration of creativity and indulgence. Each 1 oz. bag holds 5 meticulously crafted chocolates, each packing a punch of 25mg Delta-9 THC. Now also offered in singles, so you can try a sample-size before you buy!

Dive into the unique world of flavors with Salted Fire (Spicy Peanut), a fiery dance on your taste buds. Lime In The Coconut invites you to a tropical paradise, while Cookies N' Cream is a classic twist on indulgence. Mint OG delivers a refreshing burst, and Banana Hammock takes you on a journey of fruity delight.

These aren't just chocolates; they're a symphony of taste and experience. Each piece is a work of art, carefully shaped to resemble cannabis buds, paying homage to the plant that inspired it all.

Store at room temp. If chocolate melts, eat it anyway, it’s delicious!