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Step into the world of holistic well-being with our uniquely crafted Hemp-Derived "Boost" Gummies—a fusion of 3mg Delta-9 THC, 20mg CBD, and 100mg of Turkey Tail Mushroom. These gummies are more than a treat; they're a thoughtful blend designed to elevate your experience and nurture your body and mind.

Each "Boost" Gummy is a symphony of cannabinoids and the immune-boosting power of Turkey Tail Mushroom. The 3mg of Delta-9 THC provides a subtle sense of euphoria, while the 20mg of CBD adds balance and calm. Infused with 100mg of Turkey Tail Mushroom, these gummies go beyond traditional CBD products, offering an extra layer of support for your overall well-being.

Turkey Tail Mushroom, known for its immune-boosting properties and adaptogenic benefits, adds a unique touch to these gummies. It's a holistic approach to wellness, combining the synergistic effects of cannabinoids with the natural goodness of a revered mushroom.

Available in 5-count, 10-count, and 30-count packs, our "Boost" Gummies cater to your lifestyle and wellness needs. Whether you're seeking a daily boost or looking for a holistic way to unwind, these gummies are your passport to a balanced and rejuvenated self.