CoBoDo Chocholate

The CoBoDo Buds odyssey started in 90’s when Chef and CLR (Chief Lab Rat) Fate Fowler worked as cookie inspector in a large commercial bakery in Denver. Not to name names, but at the time, some friends referred to her as the Elf. 

Through years of catering, cheffing, bartending, party planning and occasionally adulting, the formulating was always going on behind the scenes. Starting with creating skincare with essential oils and CBD, it didn’t take long for the draw of endless Cannabis Edibles possibilities to catch her interest.

With CoBoDo CBD Party Services on indefinite hiatus, Fate turned to the kitchen to pivot her CBD products to an amazing, artisan created confection now known as CoBoDo Buds, a delicious, fun-to-eat, CBD infused cannabis bud look-alike adult treat in 6 flavors and 4 sizes.

Officially launched on 4-20-20 (naturally), Cobodo Buds are the end result of years of cheffing and cannabis culture combined.