Miss Green Queen

A few years ago, Gianna Filipetto was recording a cannabis butter cooking tutorial on her YouTube channel when she realized she had a problem. “It took too long and was a very complicated process,” she explains from her kitchen in Austin, Texas. “It actually took so long that I had to record it over a span of two days. This is a problem, especially for people who are relying on homemade herbal brownies to treat medical conditions at home.” Cannabutter is an essential ingredient in pot brownies.

She began to research alternative infusion solutions, such as the Magical Butter machine. But the device was expensive and still took many hours to complete basic herbal infusion.

Filipetto realized that a business opportunity was staring her in the face. But as a college student with little money, in a state where cannabis is still illegal, she was facing some pretty massive hurdles.

This is the story of how she founded Green Queen from her apartment. The company produces an Herbal Infusion Brownie Kit that cuts infusion time down to just 20 minutes and hopes to revolutionize the infusion business.