OhmGnomes CBD Monk Fruit Snickerdoodle Honey Cookie

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25mg Full Spectrum CBD Monk Fruit Snickerdoodle Honey Cookie

Organic • BEEgan • Gluten & Grain Free • Direct Trade • Locally & Regionally Sourced • Clean Ingredients • Handmade in Austin, TX

A Delicious Explosion of ALL Good Things for the Brain! This is seriously a MAJOR BRAIN COOKIE with a potent pick me up like Ceremonial Grade Matcha to get the cerebral juices flowing followed by a dose of Lion's Mane Mushrooms for brain, gut, and body health, Macuna (Mucuna pruriens) for neurosynaptic enhancement, and some Ginger for elevated cognition & focus. Utilizing the magic of natural Nootropics, or cognition enhancing substances, selectively chosen from around the world for their special effects, we bring you a scrumptious way to please your belly and your brain AT THE SAME TIME! The delightful herbal tastes of the Matcha blend well in this cookie with the spice of the ginger and sweetness of the honey synergistically creating a taste to please a Matcha Newbie or Connoisseur alike!
Perfect to pair with Cold Milk, Warm Tea, and Work to Accomplish!
Handcrafted with California Almonds & Central Texas Honey and ALL Organic Herbs right in Austin, TX!